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MEANINGFUL WORK is the Answer 

The Crisis in Contact Center Management

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The Crisis in Contact Center Management 

The customer experience is at a 17-year low, agent turnover remains high at 7-8% a month, and quiet quitting is at 59%. This crisis is severely impacting company profitability, leading to “The Great Termination” of leaders.

There is a Crisis in Contact Center Outsourcing

Contact center outsourcers are experiencing even higher agent turnover and worse performance than internal centers. Outsourcers are losing clients at an abnormally high rate, putting them in financial distress. Also, AI is a concern for investors because of the fear it will dramatically reduce the need for outsourcing. Within the next five years, 50% of large to medium-sized contact center outsourcer brands could disappear because of consolidation.

Meaningful Work is a Win-Win-Win for Contact Center Leaders 

Meaningful work occurs when a person’s work makes a difference in someone’s life. The most important part of the employee experience is how they feel about their job, not compensation or the company they work for. If they find their work meaningful, it significantly reduces turnover (25-50%), increases engagement, and improves performance (10-25%). Meaningful work for leaders and managers comes from making a difference in their team members’ lives, thereby making meaningful work infectious.

Grind Destroys Meaningful Work
Agents experience “grind” when management is out of alignment with the customer, and the agent is caught between them. Grind destroys meaningful work, and poor management is its leading cause. When employees feel management is preventing them from authentically serving the customers, the agent will disengage during interactions because engaging is too painful. 

Experimenting is the Best Way to Get Buy-in From Executives

Because leadership is highly resistant to change, contact center leaders should experiment with a small group to implement a meaningful work proof of concept. Then, they can present the program's success to executive leadership, demonstrating a better way to improve profitability. The meaningful work program should eventually extend beyond the contact center. It is a universal approach that applies to everyone, regardless of their job level or department.

We Discovered the Solution to Turnover, Engagement, and Performance Problems




Customer Satisfaction


Cost to Serve


5th Talent is the only company that helps you achieve a meaningful work environment where your people find the work they do is worthwhile.

When companies use our methodology, they enable employees to find meaning in in their work.  The result is lower turnover and higher customer satisfaction. 

Meaningful Work is What Matters 


Meaning From Work

Having a job is meaningful as a result of a predictable and steady paycheck.

Pay, Incentives,
Benefits, etc.


Impact on


Engagement, &


Meaing at Work.jpg

Meaning at Work
(The Company)

Work provides a safe, friendly place that serves as emotional support.

Fun Activities, Social Events, Volunteering, Amenities, CSR, Company Mission, etc.


Impact on


Engagement, &


Customer Square.jpg

Meaningful Work
(The Job)

Realization of moments with distinct purpose that arise from the act of serving others

Ability to Help People, Low Stress and Anxiety, Supportive Management, etc. 


Impact on


Engagement, &


People Want Meaningful Work

Meaningful work has never been more important than it is today, especially for Generation Z.  Studies show that 70% of today’s employees want more meaning in their work.*


*Roffey Park Institute

Serving People is Meaningful

The defining characteristic of meaningfulness is that a person’s work makes a difference in someone’s life. 

Grind Destroys Meaningful Work

Promoting meaningful work is not enough, because there are opposing forces that we call “grind” which is destroying the meaning your people find in their job.  Grind is the leading cause of frustration, stress, and anxiety arising from the work they do. 

Grind [grīnd] \ noun: 
Wear and tear caused by pressure to give what customers want, while being restrained in the ability to do so

Why Do People Quit?

People tend to leave their jobs when the level of frustration, stress, and anxiety arising from their work outweighs the level of personal meaningfulness they receive from it. Our studies show that together meaningful work and grind can predict over 65% of a person’s intent to quit.  

Employee 1.jpg

The 5 Talents are the foundation that enables your people to experience more meaningful moments in their work.

The 5 Talents Increase
Meaning and Engagement

listening with compassion.png
showing care and concern.png
sharing your talent.png
resolving problems.png
lifting others.png

The 5th Talent is the Most Important

sharing your talent.png

Being Myself











5thTalent Aligns What Everyone Wants


Companies Want

Loyal Customers


When employees are highly engaged, customer retention rates are 18% higher   and earnings per share are 147% higher than their competition.



Employees Want



70% of employees want more meaning at work.


Customers Want

Engaging Employees


8 of the top 10 things customers want relate to engaging employees, but only 1 out of 3 customers are getting what they want.


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  2. Rage Survey – CCMC      

  3. CVENT

  4. Gallup 

The 5th Talent Methodology 

1. Analyze

Meaningful Work Assessment

Employees & Frontline Managers


Meaningful Work Survey

  • Assess levels of meaningful work and grind and the extent they are influencing behavior to stay and be a high performer.

  • Get a snapshot of what employee experience states your employees are currently in.

  • Provide a baseline of the employee work experience enabling you to track the impact of implementing a program.

Meaningful Work Dashboard

Meaningful Work Dashboard.png
Meaningful Work Survey.png

Employee Experience Map

2. Improve

  • Harness the joy of authentically serving others

  • Utilize 5 key talents to increase meaningful moments

  • Develop leaders to foster a meaningful work environment

Senior Leadership

Meaningful Work 
Visioning Workshop

Meaningful Work Visioing Workshop.png

Managers & Support Staff

Developing Others

Developing Others.png
Serving Others.png


Serving Others

  • Understand the employees' first 90-day experience

  • Design a low-stress and high meaningful work environment where employees feel welcomed, ready, and energized 

Senior Leadership

Developing an Onboarding  
Experience Workshop

Managers & Support Staff

Guiding Others

Guiding Others.png


Understanding the Consumer

Understanding the Consumer.png
  • Become more like a life coach

  • Develop employees to be self-learning and self-correcting

  • Facilitate more collaboration with their teams and extend your desired culture remotely

Senior Leadership

Work at Home Leadership Workshop

Managers & Support Staff

Leading Remote Teams


Excelling Remotely

Work at Home Leadership Workshop.png
Leading Remote Teams.png
Excelling Remotely.png

3. Protect

Meaningful Work Champions

  • Select and develop a group of champions in your organization who can support and validate the implementation of the meaningful work program.

  • Establish a reiterative process that assures grind stays low and the meaningful work environment stays intact.

Regular Meaningful Work Surveys

  • Routinely monitor your employee experience to understand if your activities are improving and protecting your improved culture. 

  • Help identify new threats to your meaningful work environment.

  • Continue to identify opportunities for improvement.

Employee Experience Monitoring

Meaningful Work Survey.png


Working in the service industry is difficult, tiring, emotionally draining.  But that's not what employees say who work in companies that implement the 5th Talent method.


The most important thing we have noticed is that the Facebook sentiment of our employees is changing for the positive.


I have been through a lot of courses for management, but this course is the first one that addresses what I need as a human in charge of other humans.


Thanks for messing with my head. Once you see GRIND, you can't un-see it! I am seeing it everywhere now, and I want to fix all of it.

What is The Great Contact Center Challenge?  The challenge is making this an industry where people love their jobs, whether you are an agent, manager, or leader.  Join this journey with hosts Brian Kearney and Ted Nardin as they discuss how it is possible to improve the employee experience by leveraging the principles of meaningful work and grind.  The result is a major win-win-win for employees, customers, and companies.   

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