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MEANINGFUL WORK is the Answer 

Gain a Competitive Advantage During 
"The Great Resignation"


Many companies have lower employee turnover and better performance than before the pandemic.  What separates them from most companies is their proactive leadership to improve the employee experience, develop frontline leadership, and offer employees the flexibility they want.


Accept the future of work. It has changed. Adapt!

The market has changed and what worked in the past will not work in the future. Don’t remain in a holding pattern hoping things will “auto correct” while high employee turnover and declining performance are impacting the bottom line.


Improve the employee experience. It is the primary reason why people are quitting.

Don’t believe the hype. People aren’t quitting only for more money and then having massive regrets afterwards. What employees want from work has evolved and they have low tolerance for anything else. One critical ingredient for success is a highly developed front-line management team. They are now the face of the company to employees, and they are the driving force behind a positive employee experience.


Build a highly flexible work arrangement model.

When it comes to where employees work, “The horse is out of the barn,” as the saying goes. They have adapted to the flexibility of remote work and therefore it will remain as a portion of any competitive workforce strategy. Don’t just offer flexibility, build an organizational model to support it.

We Discovered the Solution to Turnover, Engagement, and Performance Problems




Customer Satisfaction


Cost to Serve


5th Talent is the only company that helps you achieve a meaningful work environment for your people.

When companies use our methodology, they enable employees to find meaning in serving others.  The result is lower turnover and higher customer satisfaction. 

People Want Meaningful Work

Meaningful work has never been more important than it is today, especially for Generation Z.  Studies show that 70% of today’s employees want more meaning in their work.*


*Roffey Park Institute

Serving People is Meaningful

The defining characteristic of meaningfulness is that a person’s work makes a difference in someone’s life. 

Grind Destroys Meaningful Work

Promoting meaningful work is not enough, because there are opposing forces that we call “grind” which is destroying the meaning your people find in their job.  Grind is the leading cause of frustration, stress, and anxiety arising from the work they do. 

Grind [grīnd] \ noun: 
Wear and tear caused by pressure to give what customers want, while being restrained in the ability to do so

Why Do People Quit?

People tend to leave their jobs when the level of frustration, stress, and anxiety arising from their work outweighs the level of personal meaningfulness they receive from it. Our studies show that together meaningful work and grind can predict over 65% of a person’s intent to quit.  

Employee 1.jpg

The 5 Talents are the foundation that enables your people to experience more meaningful moments in their work.

The 5 Talents Increase
Meaning and Engagement

listening with compassion.png
showing care and concern.png
sharing your talent.png
resolving problems.png
lifting others.png

The 5th Talent is the Most Important

sharing your talent.png

Being Myself











5thTalent Aligns What Everyone Wants


Companies Want

Loyal Customers


When employees are highly engaged, customer retention rates are 18% higher   and earnings per share are 147% higher than their competition.



Employees Want



70% of employees want more meaning at work.


Customers Want

Engaging Employees


8 of the top 10 things customers want relate to engaging employees, but only 1 out of 3 customers are getting what they want.


  1. Roffey Park Institute

  2. Rage Survey – CCMC      

  3. CVENT

  4. Gallup 

The Meaningful Work Transformation Series

  • Become more like a life coach

  • Develop agents to be self-learning and self-correcting

  • Facilitate more collaboration with their teams

Excelling At Home Stack.png
  • Harness the joy of authentically serving others

  • Utilize 5 key talents to increase meaningful moments

  • Develop leaders to foster a meaningful work environment

Meaningful Work Stack.png
  • Identify root problems and issues

  • Create a plan to fill the gaps identified in the assessment

  • Communicate the plan to stakeholders

GRND Reduction Stack.png


Working in the service industry is difficult, tiring, emotionally draining.  But that's not what employees say who work in companies that implement the 5th Talent method.


The most important thing we have noticed is that the Facebook sentiment of our employees is changing for the positive.


I have been through a lot of courses for management, but this course is the first one that addresses what I need as a human in charge of other humans.


Thanks for messing with my head. Once you see GRIND, you can't un-see it! I am seeing it everywhere now, and I want to fix all of it.

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