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Meaningful Work is a Revolution, and Contact Center Leaders Can Lead It.
Meaningful work is a revolution because it requires leaders to stop what they are doing and change their approach. Contact center leaders are uniquely positioned to lead this revolution. If you can implement a meaningful work approach in a contact center, it has a very high return on investment (ROI), and you have many metrics to prove its effectiveness. Then, meaningful work can spread to the entire organization because people will see it and want it. 

I know most contact center leaders will continue to stay the course, but 5th Talent and I are here to support those who want to change to a meaningful work environment. Please reach out to us for support. I invite you also to join our network to connect with other contact center leaders embarking on the same journey. It is better to work together to change the contact center management industry

Brian Kearney
SVP of Client Solutions & Co-Founder of 5th Talent International

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