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Contact Center Industry

Work at Home Study

April 2021 Update


5th Talent International resurveyed contact center agents and supervisors to see if and what has changed from our first survey conducted back in May 2020.  More than 5,000 people participated across 13 countries.   

Key Topics:

  • The Work at Home Evolution

  • Impact of the “Physical Gap” Between Supervisors and Agents

  • Importance of Supervisor Preparedness

  • The Work at Home Dilemma

  • The Future of Work in the Contact Center Industry 

Additional Resources


Peter Ryan Interviews the Co-Founders of 5th Talent, Ted Nardin & Brian Kearne

Work at Home Issues.png

In 2021, leaders will need to seize the opportunity to build a sustainable work-at-home model.


Contact center employees want a mixed work at home model and they identify key challenges to long-term sustainability


Most Employees  Have Work at Home Fatigue and It Is Impacting Performance.

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