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About Us

5th Talent International was started because we believe serving customers should be a rewarding job.  However, most service industry leaders are managing a chronic condition of high employee turnover with the ongoing pressure to improve customer loyalty.  In our search for answers we discovered a solution to both problems.

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Meaningful Work is the Answer

Our solutions are enabling employees to find meaning in serving others, resulting in lower turnover and higher customer satisfaction. The defining characteristic of meaningful work is that a person’s work makes a difference in someone’s life. Studies show that 70% of today’s employees want more meaning in their work. However, promoting meaningful work is not enough, because there are opposing forces that we call “grind” which is destroying the meaning people find in their job. Our studies show that together meaningful work and grind can predict over 65% of a person’s intent to quit.  
5th Talent is the only company with a methodology that enables companies to reduce grind and increase the meaning their people find in their actual work. The 5 Talents are the foundation that enables your people to experience more meaningful moments in their work. The 5th Talent is the most important, which is using your unique talent while serving others. It helps your team authentically serve by being themselves, taking ownership, using their strengths, and building confidence, thus enabling them to make a difference in someone else’s life. 

​Our approach is effective because it aligns the needs of management, employees, and customers.  Employees want more meaningful work which leads to authentic and engaging service. Customers want more engaged employees and companies want more loyal customers. Meaningful work helps all three achieve their desired outcomes. 


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