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5th Talent Solutions

The 5th Talent Methodology 

1. Analyze

Meaningful Work Assessment

Employees & Frontline Managers


Meaningful Work Survey

  • Assess levels of meaningful work and grind and the extent they are influencing behavior to stay and be a high performer.

  • Get a snapshot of what employee experience states your employees are currently in.

  • Provide a baseline of the employee work experience enabling you to track the impact of implementing a program.

Meaningful Work Dashboard

Meaningful Work Dashboard.png
Meaningful Work Survey.png

Employee Experience Map

2. Improve

  • Harness the joy of authentically serving others

  • Utilize 5 key talents to increase meaningful moments

  • Develop leaders to foster a meaningful work environment

Senior Leadership

Meaningful Work 
Visioning Workshop

Meaningful Work Visioing Workshop.png

Managers & Support Staff

Developing Others

Developing Others.png
Serving Others.png


Serving Others

  • Understand the employees' first 90-day experience

  • Design a low-stress and high meaningful work environment where employees feel welcomed, ready, and energized 

Senior Leadership

Developing an Onboarding  
Experience Workshop

Managers & Support Staff

Guiding Others

Guiding Others.png


Understanding the Consumer

Understanding the Consumer.png
  • Become more like a life coach

  • Develop employees to be self-learning and self-correcting

  • Facilitate more collaboration with their teams and extend your desired culture remotely

Senior Leadership

Work at Home Leadership Workshop

Managers & Support Staff

Leading Remote Teams


Excelling Remotely

Work at Home Leadership Workshop.png
Leading Remote Teams.png
Excelling Remotely.png

3. Protect

Meaningful Work Champions

  • Select and develop a group of champions in your organization who can support and validate the implementation of the meaningful work program.

  • Establish a reiterative process that assures grind stays low and the meaningful work environment stays intact.

Regular Meaningful Work Surveys

  • Routinely monitor your employee experience to understand if your activities are improving and protecting your improved culture. 

  • Help identify new threats to your meaningful work environment.

  • Continue to identify opportunities for improvement.

Employee Experience Monitoring

Meaningful Work Survey.png
Delivery Options

Course Delivery Options


Our Trainers

Our instructors love what they do, and it shows. They are industry veterans with a talent for helping others learn new skills realize the joy meaningful work. We will work out a delivery schedule that suits you.

Your Trainers

Our instructors also enjoy training others to teach our courses. Through a train-the-trainer approach we will equip your team to deliver the content to your entire company, giving you the option for ultimate flexibility and sustainability.


Our courses are designed to be delivered virtually to your people. We know many people may not be able to get to a center, so 5th Talent can accommodate the needs of your organization through live, online learning.

In Person

5th Talent can deliver our courses in person. Many people want the face-to-face connection if possible. If your employees can meet in a center, then we offer an option to host the course at your location.

Serving the Service Industries

Contact Center




Field Services

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