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Work at Home Study

November 2020 Update

Work at Home Study November 2020 Update.

During September and October of 2020, 5th Talent International interviewed contact center leaders to understand their experience shifting employees to a work at home model. The purpose of these interviews was to provide an update to the previous Contact Center Work at Home Study which in May 2020 surveyed more than 4,000 contact center agents and supervisors across 7 countries. 

The interviews provided insight from leaders regarding:

  • Their initial shift to the work at home model

  • Current experiences with remote employees

  • Work at home best practices

  • Post pandemic plans

Additional Resources

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Findings from 5th Talent’s November 2020 Contact Center Industry Work at Home Update.


Contact center employees want a mixed work at home model and they identify key challenges to long-term sustainability

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Listen to 5th Talent's Ted Nardin in the J.D. Power Webinar where discusses how supervisors are the key in a work at home.  They enable agent's to find meaning in their work.

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