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The Work at Home Evolution

The Work at Home Evolution.png

Findings Based Upon 5th Talent Work at Home Studies

WAH Study 2020.png
Work at Home Study November 2020 Update.

4,133 Agents & Supervisors

41 Contact Center Leaders

5,777 Agents & Supervisors


When people have meaningful work they perform better, make customers happier, and are loyal to your company.  


More than 5,000 agents across 5 different outsourcers find meaningful work and realize dramatic results.


Rapid Transition to Working at Home Due to the Pandemic

A “Physical Gap” Was Created Between Supervisors & Agents

Challenges Working at Home Continue

  • More effort & fatigue

  • Increased loneliness & isolation

  • Poor communications & collaboration

  • Less effective coaching 

  • Separation from company culture


  • Disengagement

  • Employee turnover

  • Less productivity

  • Low customer satisfaction

After the Pandemic Employees Don’t Want to Return to the Center Full-Time

  • Only 2% of employees want to return to the center 100% of the time, yet most do not want to be 100% virtual.

  • Employees can now easily get work at home jobs with other companies. 

The Work at Home Dilemma

Physical Gap.png
KPI Risks.png

Create a Thriving and Sustainable Work at Home Approach

TThe Excelling at Home Program integrates findings from our groundbreaking work at home study, our meaningful work methodology, and our approach for extending corporate culture to remote teams.

Excelling at Home Elements.png

Leverage Benefits of Meaningful Work

Mitigate the Challenges Identified in Our Study

Extending Your Corporate Culture to Remote Employees

at Home

The Excelling at Home Program

 Solve the Work at Home Dilemma

Work at Home LEadership Workshop.png

Work at Home

Leadership Workshop
Senior Leaders 

This workshop facilitates insight and nurtures discussions that together evaluate the current state of your organization’s work at home culture. Guided by our experts you will review data and work together to discover shared challenges and create a shared vision for a WAH organization that remains engaged, connected to a common purpose, and energized to serve.

Leading Remote Teams.png

Leading Remote

Managers & Supervisors

Leading remote teams requires adopting a different mindset, a mindset more like a “life coach.” It also requires utilization of an expanded skill set. This leader-oriented workshop is grounded in the principles of meaningful work.  Participants are guided through a self-discovery process to learn new skills to build a highly functioning team of engaged employees.

Adapting to Your Home Office.png

Adapting to Your

Home Office 

Sustaining a work at home arrangement is a challenge for many front-line service personnel who have never worked from their home for an extended period.  They can overlook the basics. This workshop helps identify and resolve fundamental challenges with adjusting to working at home, including managing isolation and feelings of loneliness while encouraging teammates who may be feeling the same.

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