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Experiencing Work at Home Grind?

Create a Thriving and Sustainable Work at Home Approach

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The Excelling at Home is a groundbreaking program that enables you to transfer success from the center to the home.  

Excelling at Home Program

 5th Talent's approach to align all levels of your organization to thrive at home

Leading Remote Teams

Adapting to Your Home Office 

Individual Contributors & Agents

“This was a great session- interactive, thoughtful and informative especially in our new changing working environment.” 


“Our supervisors reported feeling better equipped to offer engagement to avoid the feeling of isolation. They also found great value in learning to communicate as a Life Coach.”

Senior Leaders & Supervisors

Excelling at Home Courses

 Transfer success from the office to the home

Leading Remote Teams
Senior Leaders & Supervisors

Leading remote teams requires adopting a different mindset, a mindset more like a “life coach.” It also requires utilization of an expanded skill set. This leader-oriented workshop is grounded in the principles of meaningful work.  Participants are guided through a self-discovery process to learn new skills to build a highly functioning team of engaged employees.

Adapting to Your Home Office 
Individual Contributors & Agents

Sustaining a work at home arrangement is a challenge for many front-line service personnel who have never worked from their home for an extended period.  They can overlook the basics. This workshop helps identify and resolve fundamental challenges with adjusting to working at home, including managing isolation and feelings of loneliness while encouraging teammates who may be feeling the same.

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