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The Leadership Challange
August 2022 - 5th Talent Contact Center Industry Report #4

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Accept the Future of Work. It has Changed. Adapt!
The market has changed and what worked in the past will not work in the future. Don’t remain in a holding pattern hoping things will “auto correct” while high employee turnover and declining performance are impacting the bottom line.


Improve the Employee Experience.

It is the primary reason why people are quitting and disengaging. Don’t believe the hype. People aren’t quitting only for more money and then having massive regrets afterwards. What employees want from work has evolved and they have low tolerance for anything else. One critical ingredient for success is a highly developed front line management team. They are now the face of the company to employees, and they are the driving force behind a positive employee experience.

Build a Highly Flexible Work Arrangement Model.

When it comes to where employees work, “The horse is out of the barn,” as the saying goes. They have adapted to the flexibility of remote work and therefore it will remain as a portion of any competitive workforce strategy. Don’t just offer flexibility, build an organizational model to support it.

5th Talent Contact Center Industry Reports

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The Leadership Challenge_2022.bmp

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