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Work at Home Fatigue
November 2020 - 5th Talent Contact Center Industry Report #2

Work at Home November 2020 Update.png

Most Employees are Experiencing Work at Home Fatigue and it is Impacting Performance

Leaders said work at home fatigue is a wide-spread issue, and most key performance indicators are trending downward to be at or below pre COVID-19 pandemic levels. A negative trend with absenteeism and adherence may indicate a looming employee attrition issue.

Work at Home Employee Development Has Been Less Effective

Most managers and agents have not been trained to overcome the challenges of the work at home model. New hire training delivered virtually has been less effective.

Leaders are in a Holding Pattern Due to Uncertainty and a Lack of Resources

Uncertainty about the COVID-19 pandemic and depleted 2020 budgets have put most contact center leaders and their companies in a waiting mode rather than addressing the work at home fatigue issue.

Most Leaders are Not Allowing any Agents to Work in the Center, But Most Plan to Utilize a Mixed Home and Center Model in the Future 

Although most leaders are operating a completely virtual work at home model today, they plan to provide access to a center after the pandemic.

Allowing Agents to Occasionally Work in the Center Appears to be the Most lmpactful Best Practice to Reduce Work at Home Fatigue and Improve Performance

Other valuable best practices shared by leaders were to solicit feedback from their employees to understand their experiences, reduce reporting ratios, and training employees to overcome the inherent challenges of the work at home model.

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