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Gen Z Brewer Finds Meaning in His Craft

Brian Kearney, Josh Strobel, and Ted Nardin on a Personal Guided Beer Tour

We are finding stories about meaningful work even when we don't expect it. Recently Ted and I were on a trip where we met up with my Nephew, Josh. Josh is a brewer who recently received his fermentation degree in at Colorado State University. He is a very bright and likable guy who had many career opportunities besides brewing.

While giving us a guided beer tasting tour, we asked Josh why did he want to become a brewer? I thought it was an obvious question, because if I were in my twenties heck ya being a brewer sounds awesome. Besides having the ability to use his unique talent to create a beer of his own, he really finds meaning when sharing his beer with others. Josh says he can have a small impact on people's lives through his craft. When people come together for an occasion, his beer can add to their celebration.

Josh's most meaningful moment is when he had the opportunity to brew a special beer to help raise money for a cause very close to his heart. For many years Josh has been a camp counselor at Camp Wapiyapi. It is a summer camp for children facing pediatric cancer and their siblings. It is offered at no cost to the families, which stresses the need for fundraising.

Josh has become personally connected to these kids and raising money for the camp is another way he can help them. When he brought his fundraising idea to the brewery, they liked it. His beer sold out and they raised about $3,500 for Camp Wapiyapi. But the beer and the amount were secondary to the impact it had on people. This is another example of how members of Generation Z are searching for meaningful work that impacts people's lives. We have found that all the generations want meaningful work, but Gen Z is abandoning jobs at a higher rate when they don't have it.



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