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5th Talent Solutions

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Employees want meaningful work, customers want engaged employees, and companies want loyal customers and employees.  5th Talent is the only company that offers a simple program to align all three. By reducing service grind and developing 5 key talents this program will create a self-sustaining meaningful work culture, resulting in dramatically lower turnover, increased engagement, and higher customer satisfaction. 


This is a groundbreaking program that enables you to transfer success from the center to the home.  Based upon industry leading research, our program teaches your employees to overcome the challenges of a work at home model.  Your senior leaders, supervisors, and agents learn new skills to improve communication, reduce effort, and decrease isolation and loneliness.


Meaningful Work


5th Talent can help you with a variety of projects to help you align your organization with a meaningful work approach to service.

  • Recruiting

  • On-boarding

  • Quality monitoring

  • Performance management

  • Customer alignment

  • Outsourcing alignment

  • Audits and certification


Workshops & Speaking Engagements

Book a workshop for your team to understand the critical concepts and value of meaningful work.

Co-Founders Ted Nardin and Brian Kearney can energize a company function or event with the innovative topic of meaningful work.

Delivery Options

Course Delivery Options


Our Trainers

Our instructors love what they do, and it shows. They are industry veterans with a talent for helping others learn new skills realize the joy meaningful work. We will work out a delivery schedule that suits you.

Your Trainers

Our instructors also enjoy training others to teach our courses. Through a train-the-trainer approach we will equip your team to deliver the content to your entire company, giving you the option for ultimate flexibility and sustainability.


Our courses are designed to be delivered virtually to your people. We know many people may not be able to get to a center, so 5th Talent can accommodate the needs of your organization through live, online learning.

In Person

5th Talent can deliver our courses in person. Many people want the face-to-face connection if possible. If your employees can meet in a center, then we offer an option to host the course at your location.

Serving the Service Industries

Contact Center




Field Services

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